Sunday, 10 April 2016

Summer Wishlist- Beauty

Shock, horror, I just realised that it's the middle of April! Spring hasn't even begun properly but summer is already around the corner! I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to create my summer wishlist, so I can make sure I have everything I want for summer... if I can find a way to finance it all of this, because let me tell you, this summer is not going to be very cheap for the looks of it!

These are pretty much all the products, I'd love to see on my face this summer. You may notice a major theme, in that pretty much all of these products have a cream consistency. In the summer - especially when I actually go somewhere warm (let's face it, England has about two weeks of summer in reality), I switch most of my make up products to something very dewy, natural looking and I even put down most of my brushes and work with my fingers or a sponge. I find that powder products get really uncomfortable and patchy-looking on my skin as the weather gets warmer and that is really not a look I am aiming for. For a day-to-day look, I even change my setting powder to a setting spray to keep everything in place without the powder clinging on to my skin.


 Heavy coverage is not my favourite look in the summer, I find that the more mask-like look you wear, the more uncomfortable and warmer you feel. And when on holiday, I don't want to have to spend a massive amount of my time getting ready to go out. Which is why Urban Decay's new Naked Skin One and Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector sounds so intriguing to me. If I actually get to skip a couple of steps and apply my base as a moisturiser, I'm going to be a very happy bunny!

As for getting a bit more coverage where I need it- which is generally my under eye area, I am all up for a bit of brightening corrector. I find that the YSL Touche Eclate Neutraliser Pen in Bisque would be perfect both in colour and consistency to feel natural but bright under my eyes. Over it I would have to go with the standard Touche Eclat concealer, and if I can still get the limited edition packaging I would definitely go for the one that reads: "I am not a morning person". It just describes me too well.

To put a bit of colour on my face I would go for the Chanel Tan de Soleil cream bronzer. I tried this product before and it is indeed heavenly. I think it's the perfect trick when you go on holiday as well, so if you find that you're a bit too tan for your foundation, you can easily correct the colour with adding a bit of bronzer under your foundation. Sorted!

I have to admit, I already ticked the blusher off my list. I was planning to buy this gorgeous product last year, but never got around to it, and because it is limited edition, I automatically assumed that it's sold out. This is the Charlotte Tilbury Colour of Youth cream blusher, which came out last year in her limited edition collection that was a collaboration with photographer Norman Parkinson. The packaging is absolutely mesmerising and only one thing can top that, which is the colour. The perfectly natural rosy hue of an innocent cheek has the same effect that this blush can help you achieve. It's natural, dewy and rosy. Absolutely in love! If you can still get your hands on it, I highly recommend you do. It is very pricy, but absolutely stunning.

Which is pretty much also true for the highlighter I would love to wear in the summer. This is the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured in Moonstone. It's the cream version of the famous highlighter all the big beauty gurus love, and honestly, I love this even more. The shimmer is obviously not as intensive as in the powder version, but the dewy effect gives it a more natural, "I woke up like this" look. Mesmerising!


For my eyes, I also prefer to use cream products in hot weather. It's useful to use a primer underneath to keep everything from creasing but overall I love the effect cream eyeshadows give. I decided to add the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise in Jean to my collection, which is a very pretty and natural champagne colour. It's beautiful on it's own or to use as an inner corner highlight with any make up look. And the consistency is heavenly! If I can afford it (because these buggers are very pricey), I will also go for one of the By Terry Ombre Black Star Eyeshadow Sticks. I have wanted one of these in a really long time and would go perfectly with the effortless make up look I'm going for. They're easy to apply and easy to blend. If I had to choose one, I would probably go for a shade called Frozen Quartz, which is a very pretty, shimmery baby pink.

With a natural eyeshadow look, I think a bronzy-brown pencil is the most forgiving product. It gives a soft definition to your eyes without making them very fake-looking. Mascara-wise I will definitely have to go for a waterproof formula... I don't think I have to explain why. I'm very intrigued by the Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof mascara. I personally never tried the original formula, but I've heard great things about it. The waterproof version however, has kept a very low profile so far. So this purchase might be a hit and miss. As for brows I'm going to go for a full but natural look with Benefit's Gimme Brow. I love this little things, it gives you great colour and volume without looking fake.


In the summer especially, I like to experiment with new scents, so I find that this Chloe miniature set would be perfect, especially for travelling. Not to mention how adorable the tiny little bottles look. Hopefully, after I purchased this I can decide on which scent to take on holiday and make sure it brings back all the summer memories. I'm not sure if I'm the only one doing this, but I definitely love to have a scent dedicated to a holiday, so whenever I use it, it just reminds me of all the great times.

What do you have on your summer beauty wishlist?

Thursday, 7 April 2016

What to wear on an interview

So apparently you have about seven seconds to make a good first impression at a job interview.  And the impression you make actually influences your audience more than what you say. It's not everything, but it's highly important to make sure that you are professional and taken seriously. Once you have got their attention, they will listen to what you have to say.

So how do you make sure that you look professional on an interview?

Easy! Make sure you stick to the classics and don't go overboard on anything. A simple black, navy or grey suit is the perfect attire for a businesswoman, and you can make it a bit less boring with a colourful shirt. Make sure your shirt still fits the classic style, no crazy patterns, no oversized styles. Make sure to keep the colours quite muted as well.

As for shoes, heels are an essential for me when I attend an interview. They give the attire an overall professional look and they make me feel much more confident and correct my posture. I always pair it with a bag that can fit an A4 sized folder in it to fit my notes in. This one is from Zara and I absolutely love it!

You should always keep your accessories quite minimal. I feel like a subtle necklace and some very minimal earrings are more than enough. But never underestimate the power of a good watch! It dresses you up in a very professional way, it makes you look like you've put an effort into dressing up in the morning. You will never see a serious business man or woman without a watch on.

As for make up, all those hours watching "no make-up make-up" tutorials will finally pay off when going on an interview. All in all, the more you can make yourself look like a better version of you, without making it obvious you're wearing make up, the better. I tend to only use a subtle highlighter-contour duo on my eyelids, just to give them a bit of a glow and subtle definition. Don't go too harsh on your eyebrows or your contour, as this will really emphasise that you're wearing a lot of make up. For lips, I like to stick with those amazing "your lips but better" colours. Nothing fake. And if you are travelling for your interview, or have to wait a while after you got ready, it's a good idea to use a setting spray to make sure everything stays where it's supposed to be. I always like to make sure my nails are taken care of as well because it shows your attention to detail. But it will come as no surprise that I will suggest going for a very neutral, if not clear nail polish.

And my best tips for last: right before the interview, go in the bathroom, or a hidden corner, and stand up like Wonderwoman for two minutes. You will walk in the room confidently, with a straight back and a smile on your face, I promise. Now, go knock them out!

Sunday, 3 April 2016

March Favourites

Another month has come and gone, and with the weather turning a bit more bearable, I definitely felt like going to different stores and trying new products. One of my goals this spring is to stick to a well planned out wardrobe and only but what I actually want and need. Make up-wise I definitely didn't limit myself, as so many brands brought out irresistible spring collections!

With the sunnier weather and blooming flowers, I couldn't resist trying lighter formulas and rosier colours. Some things haven't changed from last month, I'm still enjoying my Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette, especially pairing the golden-shimmery shades with rosy lips and cheeks. So fresh and happy!

Make up-wise I have really been enjoying Charlotte Tilbury's Light Wonder Foundation. This really reminds me of Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua foundation, but the finish of this one is a bit more glowy, I feel. I normally just shake this up and apply with my fingers as the watery formula blends like a dream and gives a very natural, dewy base.

As the weather got warmer, I ditched my contouring products and switched to more of a rosy cheek- look, especially after I purchased this L'Oréal Le Blush in Sandalwood Pink (Shade 120). It's a beautiful fresh colour with the tiniest shimmer in it, and I feel like it gives my make up look a very healthy look.

As I mentioned, in March I enjoyed using some light, golden shimmery shades on my eyes, but nothing too dramatic. Instead of a smoky look, I dialled up my lashes with the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noire Major Volume Mascara. This product is absolutely incredible! It gives my lashes an insane amount of volume, quite a bit of definition and the colour is very intense. I do have to say that this gives you a 60s lash look, and if you can't put up with some minor clamps, this product is probably not for you. I am definitely all about the lashes though!

On my lips I really enjoyed using the Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Dusty Pink. On work days I normally just patted this on very lightly and blended with my fingers for a natural rosy look, but when I felt like going for a bolder lip look, this gave a perfectly muted, but still bright rose colour.

Fashion-wise I invested in these Topshop Hayden Boyfriend Jeans. I have to say, I have not loved a pair of jeans this much before. It's so comfortable and still looks amazing, especially when paired with some ankle boots. My mum almost got a heart attack when she saw me in this, but I absolutely love them and I'm already contemplating buying a second "just in case" pair.

As for shoes, I love the whole white sneakers trend that's going on at the moment, however I'm afraid that if I invest in a more expensive pair, someone is going to step on my feet pretty my right away. With that in mind, I went around in high street shops to find an alternative found this lovely pair in Zara for £25.99! I think that's an absolute bargain and if it doesn't last as long as an expensive pair would, I can still buy another pair and save some money. And they're comfy too!

My absolute favourite purchase of the month was these sunglasses from Michael Kors. I actually got these as a birthday present from my mum, after I fell in love with them in store. I always wanted a pair with reflective lenses, and this one was absolutely perfect! The rims are rosegold (score!) and the temples are white, absolutely stunning colour combination. I love the aviator style and thankfully they're not as delicate as the Ray Ban ones, as I always feel like they would break very easily. The lenses are bright blue in most lightings, sadly this doesn't show on the photo very much. The downside to the reflective lenses is that you can see me struggling to take this photo... how lovely!

As I'm going on a city break at the end of May, I'm already thinking about what summery make up and clothes I should get hold of. I'm thinking about bringing forward my "summer wishlist", but let me know if you have any suggestions.... What do you think would look amazing on a holiday in Rome?

Lots of love xx

Sunday, 20 March 2016

What's in my travel bag? - A week at home

Ever wondered how to fit an entire week's clothing in a carry on suitcase when you're going to a familiar place? Maybe you're visiting a friend abroad who is willing to lend you a towel and some toothpaste so you don't have to pay the extra luggage fee? As my family lives abroad, I have had more than enough practice in how to put together a decent mixture of clothes to be able to survive a week! So don't worry, it's not impossible!

First things first, you'll want to make sure you have all the essentials for the plane: passport, purse, your phone (and charger!), headphones, sunglasses and whatever else makes you feel comfortable on a flight. Thankfully most airlines let you take a carry on and your personal bag on board, so you have some extra space to play with here.

Secondly, don't forget that you can use some of the clothes you're wearing on the plane later as well. I always like to opt for the most comfortable pieces to wear on the plane, but you might want to consider wearing your thicker pieces that would take up more space in your suitcase. For example, if you're going on a summer holiday, make sure you wear your "emergency warm clothes" on the plane, so you can save some space in your carry on.

Versatile pieces are lifesavers when you travel with a carry on. I normally like to stick to my monochromes, this way I know that I can play mix and match with my clothes and I will never have to wear the same outfit on the holiday! And don't forget that throwing on a pair of sunglasses or changing up your accessories can convert your entire look. Endless possibilities!

I don't like to go too crazy in the shoe department as they tend to take up the most space and they are also the heaviest in your suitcase. If you have a pair of comfortable sneakers and a pair that makes your outfit a little bit less casual, you're covered for the whole week!

The best advise I could give you though is: the simpler, the better! You are on holiday and you won't want to feel uncomfortable in your own clothes, so make sure you opt for something that lets you make the most of your time away! Oh... and leave some room for shopping!

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Birthday Wishes

So this is going to be a bit more of a personal post. I have been nominated for the Liebster award by the lovely Bet from LifeAccordingtoBet and a Blogger Recognition Award by Nicole from WhatNikkiDid. I have to be honest, I haven't heard of these kind of awards before, since I only started blogging about six weeks ago, but I find the idea of it really appealing. These awards pretty much go from blogger to blogger, and it really helps small bloggers gain some recognition within the blogging community.

First things first, a massive thanks to Bet, Nikki and to anyone who stumbles on my little corner of the internet. I find it so amazing that I can get to know so many interesting people though writing about what I love. Sounds like a dream. THANK YOU, YOU ARE WONDERFUL! And you made me this happy!

Secondly, I'm going to go around the rules here a little bit and just tell you 11 random things to you about myself. So without further ado...

1. I was born and raised in Hungary, and did a year abroad in England when I was at uni. I liked it so much that I moved back for three month after my writing my dissertation but I had to go home to take my last exams at uni. I then very irresponsibly decided to move to England full time, without a job, with £500 in my pocket and nowhere to live. Didn't really think it through!

2. I didn't really wear make up until I was about 20, and my mum never understood why. (Clearly she saw the bags under my eyes more than I did).

3. Growing up, I just wanted to be Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls. I wanted to be a journalist, I forced myself to read a lot and I even wanted to apply to Yale, but my parents didn’t want me to move to America.

4. I have a major love-hate relationship with my fringe. When I grow it out, I instantly want to cut it, but when I have one, it annoys me to hell and back!

5. I could give you great lifestyle advice, but I'm rubbish at taking them myself!

6. I have a Youtube channel. Although I haven't uploaded anything for about 3 years now, and it’s not what you would think. I used to play music so I recorded some of my stuff.

7. My boyfriend is a major nerd. The one that has a Lego collection, pre-orders video games and wears the geekiest T-shirts ever invented. Well. Used to. He’s been through extensive fashion training.

8. I have found it quite hard to make new friends after leaving university. It seems like everyone it competing with each other, instead of genuinely supporting each other. I just don’t like the politics of adulthood!

9. I have a major girl crush on Amanda Seyfried and Emma Stone. They're such babes!

10. I have a 19 year old sister and a 29 year old brother, both in different countries, I speak to them a lot, but I miss them every day!

11. Tomorrow is my 25th birthday.

And what I'm hoping for this year? I hope that my loved ones and me stay healthy and happy. I hope my career takes a turn, and I'll no longer feel like I'm just working to earn money. I hope I'll finally have the strength and patience in me to live a healthier lifestyle. I hope I get to see my family a bit more often than last year. And I hope I get to carry on writing about things I love.

I challenge each of you bloggers reading this to share 11 random things about you! I think this is such a fun way to get to know each other a little bit better, and I'd like to read all of your random things, so if you decide to do a similar post, make sure to let me know in the comments below! Much love xx

Thursday, 10 March 2016

The Kitchen Edit

When you live in a rented flat and you can’t change up furniture, large appliances or even the colour of the walls, small accessories play a key role in making the space feel yours. Let’s face it, the kitchen is not the most exciting room to decorate, but we use it every day and some objects are even displayed to our guests. It is especially important to pay some attention to decorating a kitchen if you live in an open plan house and you can’t close the door to hide the mess.


I think one of the most important thing to upgrade in your kitchen is your tableware. This is something you use everyday and it will also show up in your dining room, living room and even your bedroom if you had a cheeky breakfast (or dinner!) in bed. Not to mention you can't throw a dinner party without some cool tableware!

One of my favourite kitchenware purchases are these mason jars from Lakeland. They look adorable displayed on a mug tree and they quite quirky with the gold stripy straws, that I got from Tiger. Love love love!

Small Appliances

Movie night? Film Marathon? What better to make the night complete than your own popcorn maker. Little quirky appliances like this will definitely impress your guests, not to mention popcorn is a great choice of snacks! Other appliances that would make your guests jaws drop? Chocolate fountain, ice cream maker, juicer, waffle maker, pancake maker and I've also come across a snow cone maker! I have to admit, I want them all!

The MOST useful appliance in the kitchen (at least for me) is the coffee machine. I mean. It's a life saver in the morning and a beautiful treat in the afternoon. This particular machine was a pricy little bugger, but it was so worth it. It's called the Barista Express made by a company called Sage by Heston Blumenthal and I believe it retails for around £550. I know, I know... A Nespresso is much cheaper and it does all the work for you. I'm not exactly a barista, but I'm slowly learning to make different drinks and it's just so satisfying (and delicious!) to make your own coffee.


One of the most important things in a kitchen is good storage. You will want to hide the cans, the bags and the boxes, but some edible things actually look awesome displayed. Get some handy little Kilner jars and fill them with sweets, rice, tea and coffee or even pasta! Both handy and decorative!


Decoration-wise I like to keep it simple. You don't want a lot of clutter in your kitchen, otherwise you won't have the space to work. I only like to decorate here with stuff I actually use, like cute mugs, a chalkboard, maybe a fruit bowl. Saying that I do have a couple of small cacti living in the kitchen and I will never say no to lighting a candle. And of course, if you can decorate your walls, you will have more options to chose from.

Until next time! xx

Sunday, 6 March 2016

My Spring Wishlist

Out with the old, in with the new!

I'm in the middle of cleaning out my wardrobe and updating my make up collection in preparation for springtime. As I'm getting rid of anything I don't wear and packing away winter clothes, I needed to come up with an organised way of thinking through what I actually need to (want to really) buy this season. And what better way there is than writing a list, right?


This season I would really like to aim for a well thought out and put together wardrobe. I normally tend to buy things I like, not things I need, so I end up with a bunch of jumpers but no jeans or trousers. Classic! Living in the UK also means that I can carry on wearing some of my winter jumpers pretty much until July, so I only have to get a few extra additions. Let's see the list!

From the top left:

MOTO Vintage Daisy Shorts, Topshop, £24

Zipped Backpack, Mango, £39.99

Lightweight Textured Truster Coat, Topshop, £79

Plimsolls with Laces, Zara, £25.99

Lace Applique Dress, Mango, £35.99

Quilted Bomber Jacket, Zara, £39.99

ASOS Boyfriend Sweat with Hey Sweetie Print,, £22

Relax Fit Ripped Jeans, Zara, £25.99

Printed Blouse, Zara, £25.99

As you can see I'm very much into my whites this spring and my wardrobe will be quite monochrome as per usual. It will be interesting to see if I actually get all these items, as I will have to try on most of them. This is where I normally cry a bit in the changing room and then put them back on the shelves.


Make up shopping, however, never makes me feel fat! Let's see all the items that will make my purse empty this spring!

From the top left:

Eyes to Mesmerise Cream Eyeshadow in Bette, Charlotte Tilbury, £22

Diorblush Sculpt in Pink Shape, Dior, £32

Art Stick in Sunset Orange, Bobbi Brown, £20

Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita, Nars £19

Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara, Marc Jacobs £20

Light Wonder Foundation, Charlotte Tilbury, £32


Accessories-wise I'm still in love with my Michael Kors rosegold watch and my Pandora Rose necklace, but I would like to expand my happy rosegold family with this beauty:

Rose Gold- Tone Rose Quartz Cuff, Michael Kors, $115 (I haven't managed to find it on a UK website as of yet...)

I'm also desperately looking for some rosegold rings, so if you have seen some that would tie in with this style, please do let me know in the comments!

This is all I'm really planning to purchase this spring, although my planning may not be so realistic. Let's see how it goes!